Water Rocket contest announcement!

Let’s go with the first surprise for this year’s edition of LiftOff! 

Are you a SpaceScience student of LTU? Were you thinking about attending LiftOff2020? 

We, the LiftOff organization, have a great surprise for you: during this year we will hold the first student Water Rocket contest in the history of the fair! And of course, it will include amazing prizes! 

What else do you want to know? Form a team up to _ students, sign up using the online registration from the end of the post and start with the design of your water rocket! 

Do not forget to check the FAQs and rules. The deadline for sign-up will be __ and a maximum of 20 teams will be accepted in the contest. 

Turn-on the notifications for our social media and keep an eye on us! It’s Space time!  

Poster for the water rocket contest. It reads Water Rocket contest, application deadline 25th of September, read more on our website www.liftoffkiruna.se