Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Let’s go with the announcement that the team has kept in secret and we are excited about!

We are pleased to introduce for LiftOff 2020 the Rymdfarare (Astronaut) Mr. Christer Fuglesang! Born in 1957 in Stockholm, Christer studied physics and got his Master Degree in engineering physics from KTH and Ph.D. at Stockholm University. He worked at CERN and taught mathematics at KTH.

In 1992, he was selected to join the European Astronaut Corps. He has visited the ISS twice with the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-116 and STS-128), becoming the first Swedish astronaut. He has performed a total of 5 EVAs in which he did installations and upgrades to the Station. In addition, he has the “Galactic record” title of maximum time aloft for a frisbee (held by the World Flying Disc Federation), spinning the disc for 20 seconds in microgravity!

Nowadays, Christer is a professor at KTH and he teaches the course human spaceflight.

Are you as excited as we are about meeting him?

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