For companies

Luleå University of Technology is the only university in Sweden that offers a space engineering program.

The students of the space engineering program have a broad competence in the fields of space science and aerospace technology. Students studying at space campus belong to one of three disciplines, Aerospace engineering, Spacecraft and spacecraft instrument design, and Atmospheric and space science.

LiftOff was conceived as a collaboration between space engineering students studying at the Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and LTU Business, a company working together with university students promoting innovative ideas and growing business skills. LiftOff 2021 will be the fifth iteration of the LiftOff event.

Our goal is to arrange a hybrid event, where companies and students alike can attend either physically or digitally.

LiftOff was created to promote contact between companies and students, growing potential in students and revealing to companies a treasure trove of well educated and driven individuals.

LiftOff offers companies a platform with which to market themselves to the next generation of engineers, through presentations, challenges and conversations with over 150 interested students.

Students will also have the chance to show their skills and potential through presentations of  their student run projects, such as the REXUS/BEXUS sounding rocket and balloon projects with which Space Campus students have been involved since their inception in 1995.

Sound interesting? Contact us with any further questions about the event or if you just want to chat.