Isar Aerospace Technologies

Space technology enables humanity to grow beyond the boundaries of earth. Providing the tools for protecting our planet, satellites are improving life on earth today. Isar Aerospace Technologies has made this purpose its own mission. Founded in 2018 to lower the entry barriers to space and making space access affordable and sustainable, they have developed Spectrum, a two-stage launch vehicle that is specifically designed for satellite constellation deployment. Their aim is to revolutionize access to space and make it affordable for everybody. The company team builds upon extensive experience in rocket engine and sounding rocket design and testing from Technical University Munich. Followed by the attentive eye of the press and national Institutions, Isar Aerospace plans to make its mark in the aerospace sector soon. 

It is the first time ISAR AEROSPACE will participate in LiftOff and we are looking forward to meeting them! You can read more about them on their website: