LiftOff 2020 Schedule

The moment has arrived. LiftOff 2020 will start tomorrow and it is the time to release the final schedule of the event. You can find the time slots for each presentation and the rest of the activities. Before the start of the event, an email will be sent with the streaming links and more information. Make sure you sing-up for the event:

Have you already signed-up for our professional speed dating? It will be a personal activity carried out by each one of the company representatives in which each student will have 5 minutes to talk with them. Looking for more information about a company, future career opportunities or just curious about having an interview with one of the companies? Then, hurry up and sign-up using the link that you can find below or on our website! Sign-up form:

The LiftOff 2020 team hopes everyone will have a great experience the next two days during the event.

Get ready for LiftOff!

LiftOff 2020 T-1 week

Let’s go with some fresh news from LiftOff 2020!!

We are one week away from the main event and the LiftOff team is working hard to ensure that you all enjoy as much as possible this year’s edition.
The signing-up form for the event has been released and you can find it at the end of this post and in our webpage. It is really important to sign-up because you will be able to write questions both for the attendant companies and Mr. Christer Fuglesang! 

The different presentations will be live streamed in our Youtube account and the link will be shared before the event starts.

What are you waiting for? Open the link below and sign-up for LiftOff 2020! Don’t forget that if you are a student from LTU you must sign-up using the university mail.

Sign-up form:

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Let’s go with the announcement that the team has kept in secret and we are excited about!

We are pleased to introduce for LiftOff 2020 the Rymdfarare (Astronaut) Mr. Christer Fuglesang! Born in 1957 in Stockholm, Christer studied physics and got his Master Degree in engineering physics from KTH and Ph.D. at Stockholm University. He worked at CERN and taught mathematics at KTH.

In 1992, he was selected to join the European Astronaut Corps. He has visited the ISS twice with the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-116 and STS-128), becoming the first Swedish astronaut. He has performed a total of 5 EVAs in which he did installations and upgrades to the Station. In addition, he has the “Galactic record” title of maximum time aloft for a frisbee (held by the World Flying Disc Federation), spinning the disc for 20 seconds in microgravity!

Nowadays, Christer is a professor at KTH and he teaches the course human spaceflight.

Are you as excited as we are about meeting him?

Don’t forget to follow us and get ready for LiftOff!

Updates from LiftOff 2020!

Main event. As you may have already heard, this year’s edition of LiftOff will be online based. However, we are aiming to see this as an opportunity, an advantage to reach more students and companies. An online platform has been created that will allow the student to follow the live presentations, Q&A, open panels and some more surprises that will come in the following weeks.

Water Rocket Competition. It’s time to talk about prizes! Yes, of course, we are preparing prizes and the team is pretty sure that everyone studying Space Studies will love what we are preparing. However, that’s not all, and we will have more surprises and prizes that will be announced soon. How does that sound? In addition, the company’s representatives will be part of the Jury, together with some professors from the Space Campus. 

What are you waiting for? Form a team, start a project and sign up for our Water Rocket Competition!

Keep an eye on our social media during the following weeks for more surprises! 

Water Rocket contest announcement!

Let’s go with the first surprise for this year’s edition of LiftOff! 

Are you a SpaceScience student of LTU? Were you thinking about attending LiftOff2020? 

We, the LiftOff organization, have a great surprise for you: during this year we will hold the first student Water Rocket contest in the history of the fair! And of course, it will include amazing prizes! 

What else do you want to know? Form a team up to _ students, sign up using the online registration from the end of the post and start with the design of your water rocket! 

Do not forget to check the FAQs and rules. The deadline for sign-up will be __ and a maximum of 20 teams will be accepted in the contest. 

Turn-on the notifications for our social media and keep an eye on us! It’s Space time!  

Poster for the water rocket contest. It reads Water Rocket contest, application deadline 25th of September, read more on our website